Energy Consumption and Facility Data Relationship Management

Customer account facility data is always critical when attempting to assist your customers with minimizing energy consumption demand as well as determining what customers are most like to benefit from various energy rates and energy efficiency programs.

Keeping track of a customerís facility profile is an ongoing challenge. Just when you think you have collected and completed all of your customerís profiles, the customer changes his facility to accommodate evolving business needs and process changes. Because of the growing need to have accurate facility profile data, data valuable to both the utility and the customer, we provide a methodology for collecting and capturing customer key facility profile data and permits profile updates as they occur. Our proprietary technology allows a customer to supply facility data in a web based data capture tool using a mobile device or the desktop PC. Both the customer and the utility benefit from this technology. While the utility sponsors the use of the technology, the customer is provided with a repository for ĎAs-Builtí facility conditions and the utility is provided with a resource, requiring virtually no maintenance, to identify and focus on assisting customers plan for energy efficiency programs while informing the utility of energy demand changes. To see how our methodology and technology is applied, and real-time results reported, click on the following links:

> Energy Consumption Survey

> Sample Energy Survey Report





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